Mediation is, quite simply, facilitated Negotiation. Disputing parties, with the aid of a neutral third party, find creative solutions to their differences. By focusing on the interests and the needs of each party, the mediator helps them to settle their dispute and get on with business.

Mediation avoids Court proceedings. By trying mediation before going to Court, parties are usually able to save the time, heartache and trouble of litigation. Even after litigation has begun, mediation can often help the parties see their way out - to a positive result that everyone can live with.

Mediation is voluntary. Although sometimes recommended or even ordered by a Court, mediation is a non-binding process. Any party is completely free to walk away at any time. You’re never obliged to reach a settlement.

Mediation is versatile. Most disputes can be resolved through mediation: commercial contracts, liability, family and children’s issues, neighbourhood feuds, intellectual property rights. Whether the dispute is large or small, mediation can probably help.

Mediation is effective. Global statistics show that about 80 per cent of disputes submitted to mediation get settled. In cases that do not settle, the litigation is simpler and shorter, since many of the issues may be clearer.

Mediation is discreet. Because it is a private process, no one else need ever know the details of your dispute. Or even that you HAVE a dispute. No publicity, no embarrassment, no loss of face. Just a quick and effective resolution.

Mediation saves time. Instead of spending months or even years in litigation, parties who mediate often are able to settle their disputes in a day or two of mediation.

Mediation saves MONEY. Imagine spending 4 to 15 hours of time at your lawyer’s charge-out rate, instead of 40 to 150 or more. And what is your OWN time worth to you? You can resolve the problem and get back to work.

Mediation WORKS! Mediation is not new. People and companies in North America, Europe, Australia and Asia swear by it. In some countries it is part of the Court system, while in others it is provided by private individuals.

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